Monthly Archives: March 2007

Tourism goes 3.0

Today we (Vianet) made an exciting announcement with Trade Me that we are building “the next big thing” in online tourism, and so we will be showcasing our tools to the New Zealand tourism industry. This is exciting for me for one simple reason. We are making online tourism work. That’s not to say people have not been doing business online until now, but we can now enable ANY tourism provider to do business online at an extremely low cost. In fact it is free other than a booking commission for successful sales of product.

People have started talking about our tools as being the web 2.0 for tourism ,but actually we are more in line with the 3.0 “movement”. Why? We not only provide simple to use online tools for anyone to use, like our LemonSqueezy booking engine, but we also aggregate our data to business partners wanting to use it, like we have done in the case of Trade Me. Secondly we manage and extend the coverage of our online network without boundaries. We make it easy for business to connect with other businesses online. A tourism operator can sell their product without barriers through retailers using our free tools. It costs nothing for the retailer and it costs nothing for the tourism operator. We maintain the technology they use, the network they participate on and we look after the relationships between us and the retailers and providers of tourism product. Retailers can focus on attracting travellers, and operators can focus on providing great experiences. We take care of the rest and so everyone can concentrate on what they are good at.

It is so simple and that’s what makes is really exciting.